ITB Berlin 2012

Content: "Haria - History and Actuality"

Profile of Haria Society

The Haria Society is a community of citizens from the district Haria, in the north of Lanzarote, consisting of handcraftsmen, small businesses, immigrants and young people from the north of Lanzarote.

The ITB touristic fair is a wonderful platform for us to present ourselves to the world and create a way to contact to support our sustainable projects.

We live in a paradise with a deep attraction force of nature, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, equipped with lava and a unique flora in which the palm of our beloved, the "Phoenix canariensis" plays an important role.

We, who live here, have decided to present us to the general public in Berlin and we want to communicate that we love and protect our country, our island.

With this basic idea we would like to present to the tourists the beauty of Haria with respect, imagine, a lot of information and understanding and opening at the same time the door to an important international cultural exchange.

We endorse the HOTEL HARIA, which offers restored houses for an  individual rental and grows in symbiosis with the tourists and thus secures the inhabitants of Haria the possibility of a regular income.

The notice of Haria through our participation in the ITB will mark the imminent future of the tourist line, prevent a mass tourism in the north and secure a certain observation position of environmentalists from abroad.

Our basis are the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere" and the touristic idea "C├ęsar Manrique".